Kaizen CrossFit is a 2400 sq/ft. facility housing a school in teaching and coaching ELITE FITNESS in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are settled in the Active lifestyle community of Summerlin. We offer a range of classes for a very diverse clientele that differ in athletic ability and age groups. Our students comprise of business executives, lawyers, stay at home moms, 63 year old grandmas, athletes and MMA fighters. We believe in the CrossFit methodology of the physical needs of athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. We teach the CrossFit method through group and private skill lessons broken into basic, intermediate and advanced levels. CrossFit workouts comprise of constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity. We utilize functional movement exercises as a foundation to condition and advance health and fitness in an individual’s agility, accuracy, balance, cardiovascular respiratory endurance, coordination, flexibility, power, strength, speed and stamina. The high intensity produces the stimulus for dramatic results supported by the camaraderie and drive of our students and coaches.


We provide the stimulus in an unlike “Globo Gym” fashion. We teach functional movements like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, running, squatting, weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting, kettle bell training, plyometrics, gymnastics, rowing, medicine ball training, dumbbell training and overall athletic conditioning. Constantly varying the movements in our programming allows your body to continuously adapt to the change in stimulus, as well as, you never getting bored with routines. With our program you will find a very small need for equipment and space hogging treadmills or weight machines. Instead, a use of rowers, dumbbells, bar bells, box jumps, pull-up bars and kettle bells with a large amount of open square footage to use body weight in functional movements. With this combination we create workouts that are functional and constantly varied. Add in intensity with a mix of reps and weight and we can provide measurable and observable results that will carry over into your everyday life.


To provide essential, effective training in health and fitness through CrossFit methodology and our coaching staff. To providing the safest, efficient, and result driven training in the world to any and all individuals willing to put forth the effort in making a “CHANGE”. Building a happier, healthier and stronger community with each individual believing that fitness is not just what is done in the gym, but what it provides for us outside in the world of daily life.


We are committed to providing a professional & progressive environment filled with a knowledgeable staff of coaches focused on you reaching your fitness needs and goals. We promise to push each individual to their own greatest potential with daily challenges in our workouts supported by a community of motivation and drive. We will continuously train ourselves with our workouts and attend additional training certifications, provided through CrossFit, for the advancement of the community and training we can provide for you.

Why Kaizen CrossFit?

Our difference from other Crossfit gyms is in our endeavor and pledge to our students. We truly believe in what we are striving to create and accomplish. You can feel it in our gym and community with each of our students on a daily basis. We don’t just provide a workout each day and a place to do it in. We support and provide the structure for you as an individual to use your physical strengths and your mental strengths in undertaking new skills and challenges you never thought possible before. We support you with the coaches and techniques needed for you to excel in your fitness goals, leading you to a better mind, body and attitude to live life to its fullest.

Kaizen Explained….?

Kaizen is Japanese for “improvement” and “change for the better”. It is a daily undertaking that is continuous through each and every activity that is accepted. It strives for thinking and a response from a whole instead of a “control and command” attack of a single. It engages the whole and inspires each individual to partake in the many activities needed to effectively improve and adapt into a change for the better.

We believe that this reflection to Kaizen is an expression of our philosophy to health and fitness. We want you to engage and be an active player in reaching your health and fitness goals. We also want to continuously improve our coaching and training we provide for you by staying true to our pledge. With this philosophy it will allow us all to gain a better, healthier and fit lifestyle in and outside of the gym.