James Stella

2012 X-Mas Family

Have you ever been a part of something so “BIG” that you knew you would transcend not just your life but others as well?  September, 19th 2008 James Stella a.k.a. (Bobby) became a part of a movement that would change his and so many other lives for the better! What is the “MOVEMENT” you ask? CrossFit is this “MOVEMENT” and it has given James a PURPOSE and a chance to live a new found DREAM!

Coach Stella was born on May 18th, 1975 in Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s right, Born & Raised in Vegas Baby! Growing up in LasVegas was fun to say the least (at times too much fun, if that is possible) and it was never boring. He was constantly giving his mom a run for her money! Being a single parent, Bab’s (Coach’s mom) thought it would be best to get James into sports, and boy was he glad she did. It wast his love of football that gave Coach his passion for sport that ultimately lead him to CrossFit. After graduating from Chaparral High School, James attended school in California and Northern Nevada. He came home to LasVegas where his brother-in-law introduced him to “Boxing-4-Fitness” and he got his first taste of changing lives.

James is fortunate enough to have many great days in his life! April 5th 2003, when he married his wife Tara, is by far his “GREATEST” for many reasons. That day gave him the ability to have 3 amazing children: Luca, Ava, & Olivia Rose who are his inspiration daily. August 27th 2008 in the Cooper’s home was another “GREAT” day. This was when he first saw “NASTY GIRLS” the CrossFit video that would change his life forever. It was that day, along with the help of Eric Hamilton that made Kaizen CrossFit (EST. May 15th 2009) a reality.

Since that day in October, Coach Stella has been on the path of getting individuals better! Better at ‘what’ you ask? Better at life! By using the tools that CrossFit HQ has taught him, he has helped transform students into having the best quality of life possible. By teaching people how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and by teaching them how to move and function properly, Kaizen CrossFit has been able to give its students the ability to take on the world head on! He has built a Family that will help forge this “MOVEMENT” we call CrossFit into the next generation and beyond for years to come!

James’s certifications include:

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Level 2 Certification

CrossFit Nutrition Certification

CrossFit Kids Certification

CrossFit Mobility Certification


Eric Hamilton

Eric Hamilton photo

Eric Hamilton was born November 13th 1983 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, he was exceptionally active and desired to play every sport possible. He excelled in soccer and baseball in his youth, and, later took up football, wrestling, and, most recently, martial arts. Coming from such a competitive background and having lead life so involved in fitness, it was a natural aspiration for Eric to gravitate towards a career in physical fitness and shift his focus to helping others reach their own goals and aspirations.

It was early 2008 when Eric was introduced to CrossFit by his friend, and now business partner, James Stella. Having been a typical gym-goer for most of his life and finding himself hitting plateau after plateau, he decided to convert his current training and diet programs to fully support CrossFit and immediately lost an astonishing 20 pounds in just two months! Feeling a sense of accomplishment after each day of completing a challenging CrossFit workout, Eric developed the mindset that nothing was impossible and has since become a stronger person both mentally and physically than ever before. Experiencing better sleep and quality of life were just two of the reasons that convinced Eric that CrossFit was the program he needed to continue living and feeling better. In July 2008, Eric decided to take his passion to the next level and obtained his Level 1 CrossFit Certification. Then on May 15th, 2009, the first Kaizen CrossFit box was born.

In addition to having the chance to positively impact and influence so many lives, CrossFit has also given Eric an outlet to keep pushing the boundaries of his own training to new levels by allowing him to compete in a sport he enjoys. In spring of 2010, Eric competed for the first time at the Utah/Nevada Sectionals where he placed 13th out of 70 competitors and advanced to the Northwest Regionals. He looks forward to many more years of climbing the CrossFit competitor ranks.

Eric believes in living his own life according to his life and fitness philosophies and teachings and strives each day to help and allow others to experience the same gained self-confidence and gratification, accomplishment and happiness that Crossfit has brought him and his life. CrossFit’s unmatched ability to produce results and change lives is the driving force behind Eric’s passion and he lives life feeling blessed and thankful for having the rare opportunity to facilitate educating others on the benefits of CrossFit and to have a career within such a great community of industry leaders.

Eric’s certifications include:

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification

CrossFit Mobility Certification

CrossFit Goal Setting Certification


Brian Garrett


Brian Garrett is our newest Level I certified trainer. Brian joined our team of coaches at Kaizen CrossFit in April of 2010. In November of 2009 he first experienced CrossFit through Kaizen CrossFit and quickly became hooked like most of us do. Through great commitment and hard hours of training, he attacked each WOD, in search of his goal of becoming Level I certified. We are glad 6 month later he accomplished his goal and we have welcomed him in as part of our team of trainers.

Brian was born on July 24th, 1976 here in LasVegas and he has never left. Yes, there is such a thing as a native resident of Las Vegas and No, we don’t all live in hotels. He is happily married and has a young scraping, soon to be future fire breather.

Brian has always been involved in sports and fitness especially football, baseball and wrestling. It was a required activity in his family household. The fitness involved the typical “globo gym” routine. But, before long life got in the way and the 2 week on, 2 week off schedule started and grounded fitness. This continued for Brian until…

November 9th of 2009, I started on a change in lifestyle, after my son was born. I took up the offer of a free intro into CrossFit. I walked into Kaizen CrossFit at a lean 199 lbs. on a 5’7.5” frame and became a Hooked on CrossFit mess afterwards. Loving what CrossFit was all about. Not only the way it is structured, but the way the structure produces results and lifestyle changes for individuals. I love the sheer results and positive changes everyone gets out of CrossFit training for fitness and real world adaptations in handling life. Through a fast track program with James and Eric and hard 4 times a week training, I accomplished my level I certification and then went on to get KIDS Certified. That led to today were I proudly support 167 lbs. on my still short frame and I am still a HOOKED ON CROSSFIT mess.

I now like to share my success and story, as well as, my coaching skills here at Kaizen CrossFit. Mainly, I am striving to help each and every individual I can achieve better health and fitness no matter what age or endeavor they strive to accomplish.

Brian’s certifications include:

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Olympic Lifting Certification

CrossFit Power Lifting Certification

CrossFit Mobility Cetification

CrossFit Kids Certification

Jonathan Kruper


Jonathan was born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Eager to be just like his big sister he tried out for the swim team when he was seven. Just as hooked as she was, he stuck with the sport up through college. Swimming was a given, but while out of the pool he searched for a college major. He always had an aspiration for working with and helping people. He decided to follow in the footsteps of his grandfathers’ and pursued a bachelor’s degree in special education. Taking his degree, and itching for a change, he moved to Las Vegas in the summer of 2006. After two years of teaching in Las Vegas, he turned to another love, fitness, which lead to a master’s degree in exercise science. He knew this was the career path for him because it had a combination of teaching and fitness.

Having the gene of being a thrill seeker, Jonathan is always looking for the next rush, from rock climbing to white water rafting, to sky diving. “Anything that gets the blood pumping,” he says.  Probably part of the reason why he loves crossFit so much. When he first moved to Vegas he was mesmerized by all of the extraordinary Vegas performers. He was eager to find out where he could get a taste of this amazing art. After being introduced to a few veteran performers he was soon on a crash course of learning aerial acrobatics. After a short 3 months, he was up in the air performing and has never looked back. Having the love of being a coach, he now teaches aerials as well as performs.

In October 2011 Jonathan discovered crossFit. Flicking through the channels one day, he was halted by a group of people competing in some kind of workout. Where typical sporting events compete in a specialty of a certain skill, these athletes were doing a variety of movements. From running to swimming, to heavy lifting, to handstand push-ups, it seemed like it involved everything. He was so intrigued he had to find out more. He began researching and participating in crossFit.  After about a year of being a member at Kaizen he knew crossFit was his perfect fit, and more so, Kaizen was the place he belonged. The more he got involved, the more he realized crossFit was the right approach for him to facilitate individuals to lead a healthier life.

Jonathan’s certifications include:

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

 Emma Pietrzak


Emma Pietrzak was born on January 30th, 1986 in the small town of Waterford, PA. Growing up, Emma suffered with severe asthma which limited much of her childhood years to minimal physical activity and many trips in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals, and a strict regimen of an array of medications. This obstacle led her early on to develop a very active imagination where she spent a LOT of time dreaming about what she would do if she weren’t limited to worrying about how every decision would affect her health.

Right after high school (and after finding a love of teaching and practicing hip-hop dance), Emma started training at a local gym where she not only ‘out exercised’ (and fully cured!) her severe asthma and allergy problems that had plagued her for her whole life, but also found her true calling when one of the staff approached and educated her on becoming a personal trainer. It was then and there that Emma decided to dedicate the rest her life to helping others overcome their own obstacles, limitations, and hopelessness just as she had through fitness and health.

Emma went on to earn her degree in Exercise Science and began her career as a Certified Personal Trainer. In March of 2009, Emma uprooted from her small town and moved to Las Vegas with a one-way ticket, $200, and an urgent dream to save the world through health and fitness.

That same year, a friend took Emma to try CrossFit for the first time at Kaizen, and not only did her first WOD of ‘Fight Gone Bad’ introduce her to a ‘Fran Lung’ and soreness like she had never experienced, but it challenged and opened her mind and body to explore the unconventional fitness philosophies of CrossFit over the traditional cookie-cutter fitness philosophies she had studied and learned throughout her education. It wasn’t long before a paradigm shift happened and Emma began throwing tradition to the way-side after she experienced how profound and immediate the changes were both mentally and physically from CrossFit. Her life, body, and mind became stronger in ways she had never experienced through any other type of fitness regimen, and through CrossFit Emma found her ‘path’ and biggest passion.

In October of 2012, Emma received her Level 1 CrossFit Certification and joined the Kaizen team full-time in September of 2013. She is looking forward to spending the rest of her life positively influencing people through health, wellness, fitness and CrossFit in all the ways it helped her and to help everyone leave Kaizen with a smile. Her mission is to give hope and belief to others who feel trapped and debilitated by their own health ‘obstacles’, and to help every single person she has the privilege to work with realize and believe in their own true potential by showing them that they, too, can do the ‘impossible’.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer

Level 1 and Level 2 KFIT Kettlebell Trainer Certifications