Today’s workout

4 Rounds of:
400 M run
15 Burpees
2 min rest between rounds


In case you haven’t already noticed, the problems we were experiencing with your scores displaying incorrectly has been FIXED! Go ahead – check it out…

Now, for those of you that are still missing days of scores for WHATEVER reason (FB login wasn’t working, site wasn’t letting you log your score, didn’t realize scoring was closed between 9pm and Midnight, etc), we are going to be rolling out a way for you to go back and enter those missing scores sometime in the next few days. But more about that when the time comes.

We made one other big change to the site today – we added a button in the nav bar at the top – a RECORD YOUR SCORE button. If for some reason the site doesn’t automatically take you to the record your score page, click this button… and it will take you there.

We hope you dig these changes and continue to stay engaged in the challenge of the Challenge!

Andy & Michael