Today’s workout

Double-Under Cindy
20 min AMRAP
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
20 Double-Unders

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Another WLC update…..

TWO things – please read all the way through.

1. Bonus Points

Your bonus points have NOT disappeared! Let me explain…

Bonus points are truly ONLY for bonus. We designed them purposely to not work toward improving a score on the leader board beyond ‘perfect’. They are actually in place to give you the opportunity to ‘stay in the game’, as challenges in your life arise that prevent you from maintaining a perfect score. They were never intended to help people that already had a ‘perfect’ score have a MORE perfect score.

While playing the game is fun, the purpose of the WLC is to help each player achieve SUSTAINABLE change in their lives… not to be perfect, and not, necessarily, to win the game. In fact, what we’ve found after playing the game four times over the past 3 years, is that seeking perfection in your daily check-ins, while potentially leading you toward ‘winning’ the game, can, in the longer term (the term that truly matters), lead to ‘losing’ in your overall quest for improved health and fitness. The points, the scoreboard, the ‘competition’ is just added fun, that helps ‘people like us’ stay in the game.

Bonus points help people stay on track, and get back on track as they’ve had challenges along the way. You see, EVERYONE that plays the WLC wins. That’s the whole point. We never intended for ‘winning’ or beating someone else or raking higher on the leader board to overshadow the importance of very personal and healthy changes that occur simply by your participation.

Check your MY STATS page. You will see at the bottom you now have a Bonus Point ‘Piggy Bank’ (like the picture above) that tells you how many bonus points you’ve EARNED, USED, and are REMAINING. Your bonus points will get applied to your score once you drop below a perfect score, if you have earned them in your bank.

2. Leaderboard
Bonus points are now displaying correctly on the leaderboard.
Rankings are now correct on the leaderboard.
If for some reason, you’re still experiencing a problem. Please let us know.

Have a great week, filled with plenty of refreshingly good sleep!